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President of INASOPRS


President Message

Dear Colleague,
Since 1980s, subspecialty in Reconstruction Oculoplastic and Oncology (ROO) has been established. As this association is expanding, we built this association under the name of The Indonesia Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (INASOPRS) in 2015. In the mid of 20...


HISTORY In the 1980’s, the science of orbital cavity and its soft tissues had not yet fully developed in many countries of the world, including Indonesia. One drawback in the field of orbital tumor or oculoplastic-reconstruction in the eyelid and orbital bone is that the diagnosis of this disease is hardly made. Therefore, the accuracy of intervention can only be achieved through history taking or anamnesis and X-ray photos. With the invention of USG technology and CT-scan, what was previously hidden inside the orbital cavity came to be revealed, in the form of various soft tissues. It was the late Prof. Nana Tamin Radjamin who first sent out the late Dr. Bakri Abdul Syukur an ophthalmologist from Airlangga University in Surabaya to learn about the orbit in Amsterdam under the auspices of Prof. G.M. Bleeker. This was followed by Dr. Nila F. Moeloek and Dr. Hadisudjono who had the opportunity to become the first fellows from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia in 1980 and 1981, under the guidance of Prof. G.M. Bleeker, who was also the initiator of the Orbital Centrum in Amsterdam. At that time, Prof. Blekker emphasized that the visual organ of the eye and orbit constituted an inseparable anatomic and physiologic unity, and with such understanding, the discipline of orbital science began to be developed in Indonesia after the fellows returned to Indonesia. Another important development took place in 1986, when the Oculoplastic Reconstruction and Orbital Staffs (Dr. Hadisudjono, Dr. Darmayanti, Dr. Lakshmi, Dr. Rianti) were included in cranioplast...